COCOAFAIR are tree-to-bar micro-batch chocolate makers. Unlike many other chocolate and confectionery businesses, we do not buy bulk chocolate to make our creations. We are hands-on in every step of the product and process. 

Our chocolate journey starts by working with the farmers in Panama. We assist them in the growing, fermenting and drying the cacao beans. The cocoa beans are sent by ship to our production facility in Cape Town. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

Upon receiving, the beans are sorted and roasted in small batches. The beans undergo a process of breaking and winnowing, removing the husk. Next, we make cocoa mass by refining the cocoa nibs, obtained from the winnowing process. 

To make our base chocolate, we mix cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and sugar in different ratios. The percentage of cocoa content is what determines the bitterness of the chocolate. 

The last step in the process is to temper the chocolate. It is also during this stage that we sometimes blend the chocolate with flavors. Once the quality is confirmed, we pack every chocolate by hand. 

Chocolate is personal for all of us. We know that feeling all too well, that moment when everything in life feels in balance, as the chocolate melts in your mouth. 

As with many things, we think life is too short to eat bad chocolate and not to have more of these blissful feelings. 

We set out to make the best possible chocolate and to have the maximum positive social impact while doing it. 

We don't add any ingredients to change the flavor or color of the chocolate. We want to work with, and stay true to, what nature has given us. We want to keep the product clean and only use what is necessary. 

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Odoo • Image and Text

Our product range also caters for the lifestyle choices of our consumers. Our products are Halaal and Kosher certified. For those following a plant-based diet or trying to reduce their sugar consumption, the dark chocolate or sugar-free/no sugar added range are waiting. Looking for something creamy and sweet, our white and milk chocolate ranges are there to hug your tongue. 

Feeling good about where the product comes from is also important to us. 

We always try and source ingredients that are organic and sustainably farmed.  We also choose to source our cacao direct from small scale farmers, paying them a premium to the global prices

Our hands-on approach to making chocolate also creates jobs. Our team is mostly made up of previously unemployed people. Every bar of chocolate is packed by hand to create jobs. Everyone at COCOAFAIR started as a packer. They are then trained in the skill of making and working with chocolate. 

Our latest goal is about looking after the planet.

Printing on the packaging is done with plant-based inks. We are also working with our packaging suppliers to have all our packaging home-compostable. 

All of this, to allow you a guilt-free chocolate experience. 

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